We bring together cutting-edge security solutions with highly qualified engineers giving you the most up-to-date solutions available.  We have a long standing experience in the field which allows us to plan your project leaving no stone unturned resulting in a smooth and timely installation.  All of our engineers are fully trained on our products and will provide you with extensive training on how to use all of the features on the system.


Apart from choosing your system there are many other things that may need to be considered when designing your setup for example, do you need additional monitors or microphones? Where is the router located in the property, etc.  Our vast experience in providing security solutions has allowed us to develop our process which has been fine tuned to remedy all of the issues and problems that can arise on an install as a result of poor planning.


We are proud of the fact that the majority of our work still comes from our customer referrals and we believe this is because of our traditional ‘customer comes first’ attitude which we have always adopted from day one, and has always served us well.


We offer a 2 year warranty on our products (with the option to extend to 4 years) and we are so confident in the quality of our CCTV that we will also replace any faulty product IN ADVANCE without returning the faulty goods first, that’s unrivalled customer service!


I dont normally leave a review but really good job by these guys from cctv vault. Adam and Usman were the guys. My place is a difficult one as i required cameras spread over 3 different buildings and barn.  Very clear images and the lads were very polite explained how to use cctv at the end quite thorough.  Over all we are very pleased.

Stevefarm ownerhorse breeders ukkidderminister

Sunny installed CCTV for me and now installs CCTV for my customers when the need arises. Greate quality CCTV at great prices, backed up by great customer service

David WoodwardTexaco Petrol StationBroadway, Birmingham

The engineer had all the right tools for the job. He made the wired cameras look wireless. Awesome finish awesome picture. Very happy with job.

Jason EdwardsWaylong27 Lower street, Birmingham

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